Why you should hire a Family Photographer

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5 reasons to hire a professional for your next

Ipswich family photo shoot

#1 Everyone’s included in the photo shoot

One of the problems with DIY family photos is that someone ALWAYS misses out. There’s always a member of the family stuck behind the camera. Usually that person is MUM!

How sad to think that in years to come, the kids will look back on those photos and not even remember mum was there. Mums are the glue that holds the family together, and they need to be included in the family photo shoot too!

Even if you can set a timer for the shot, racing back and forth is quite stressful. The whole process will take far longer than the kids are willing to endure. After all, you want happy, smiling faces not grouchy ones!

#2 We get your best angles

Many of us are body conscious, and have areas we REALLY don’t want to have permanent reminders of, or draw attention to. I get it!

The good news is that professional photographers are experts in posing you in flattering ways, so you will always look fabulous!

It’s almost impossible to get a really great, well posed shot of yourself in a DIY family photo. As mentioned before, running back and forth between the camera and the family doesn’t allow you the time to compose yourself and position yourself in the best way. You also can’t see what the camera sees. For example, dad pulling a weird face, or one of the kids picking their nose LOL. It’s highly likely you will have to redo photos over and over again. As a result, you will have some very cranky kids and a frustrated hubby on your hands.

#3 Kids actually behave better

One of the main concerns parents have about having a family photo shoot is whether the kids will behave and cooperate. No one wants to spend time and money on having family portraits taken if the kids are just gonna play up. It is a genuine concern most families raise with photographers.

I have good news! Believe it or not, kids are generally BETTER behaved, and more compliant than when their parents tell them what to do! SHOCKED? I know right?
Additionally, photographers will usually come prepared with a bag of tricks, toys, and fun activities etc. up their sleeves to help kids feel relaxed, have fun, and give up those gorgeous smiles.

#4 Best locations for a family photo shoot

Location makes a HUGE difference to the overall look of your photos. There are many things to take into account in choosing the right spot. Such as, choosing an area with the best light and minimal distractions, and taking into account what’s in the background. After all, You want your family to stand out and be the main subject, not some random photo bombers or ugly buildings in the background.
Photographers spend a lot of time scouting some amazing locations, and know what environment will best suit the style of photos you really want.

#5 Quality – High resolution family photos

Phone cameras have come a long way in recent years, and can take some really great photos. The only issue? If you want to enlarge those photos for print, the quality is very poor. Images will become pixelated the larger you make them. Phone cameras are not capable of producing the high resolution photos needed for enlarging and printing into beautiful wall art.

Photographers use the best equipment, and professionally edit your photos so the quality is top notch. The end result will be gorgeous, high quality images you would proudly display in your home.

See my blog post Digital photos vs printed photos to see what impact printed images have on the family. It might surprise you!

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