Photo Shoot Anxiety!

Tips to overcome nervousness when you book a family photographer.

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Whether you’ve experienced a professional photo shoot before, or this is the first time; it often brings anxiety, especially as the day gets closer. As a Family photographer, I am aware that people are often anxious about a great many things when it comes to professional photos. Here is a list of some of the most common concerns, and how best to overcome them.

Too self conscious

Photo shoots can be lots of fun! However, when there are a lot of people around looking on, sometimes people can feel self conscious and uneasy. When working with your photographer in choosing a location, keep in mind how many people frequent that area at the time of day you will be photographed. Sometimes it pays to check out the area at that time of day, prior to the shoot. Alternatively, your photographer may have a location in mind, or may be able to help scout the location for you.

Additionally, you may have particular areas which you are self conscious about, and are worried these will be prominent in the photos. Talk to your photographer about these areas of insecurity prior to the shoot, so they will pose you in flattering ways. Also, feel free to ask your photographer if they can edit these areas so they are not as noticeable. Photographers that offer professional editing can usually do minor edits like this, so you will absolutely love your images.

Choosing the wrong outfit

What to wear for a photo shoot is a huge source of stress for many people. You want your photos to look great, and for your outfits to complement each other. Firstly, it is vital that you choose comfortable clothes that you feel good in, that complements your body shape, and is suitable for the location you have chosen for your shoot. Secondly, dress the family in complementary colours that suit the season (click here for more info). You want to choose colours that complement each other, not necessarily be matching. Thirdly, add interest to your photos with patterns and textures. One or two people in your family wearing patterns that compliment the colours of the group, will look AMAZING! Lastly, and most importantly – Look for a family photographer that offers guidance in this area, or a handy guide they can send to you with examples to make it easier for you. I personally offer a comprehensive guide to all of my clients to help make this process so easy.

Not knowing what to expect

Good communication is the key to every relationship, whether personal or business. It is important that you choose a photographer that has a reputation for good communication, and who will let you know step by step what to expect on the day.
Not knowing or understanding is one of the biggest triggers of anxiety, and I personally ensure all my clients are as prepared as possible for their photo shoot. It is also important that if you have any questions or concerns, that you address these with your photographer. We are only too happy to help you in any way we can.

You can also take a look at the photographer’s website or social media to see what their style is, and what poses they use. Don’t be afraid to do some research to see what poses you would feel comfortable with. If you have particular poses in mind, or have some props you want included, speak to the photographer and they will be only too happy to include these in your shoot. You can even send some photos from the web with the types of poses, or style you would like your photos to look like. Working together and communicating is the best way to achieve the photos you really want. That way everyone is on the same page and know exactly what to expect on the day.

The kids might misbehave

It is only natural that parents are concerned about the behaviour of their children in public, and particularly, when trying to get great family photos. Preparing your children prior to the shoot by letting them know what to expect, and talking about it as a fun experience, will help your kids relax and not be anxious. Afterall, they are just as anxious as you are! Try not to stress about them being silly or not standing still for photos. The best photos are the ones where the kids are being themselves, and having fun. Family photographers are experts at engaging children in photo shoots, helping them feel relaxed, and getting genuine smiles and laughter. It is these natural interactions and connections between the family that you will want to display around the home and remember forever. Try to relax and let the photographer guide the session, and work with the children. It is better to work with the children, than against them.

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