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benefits of printed photos

Do you prefer your family photos as prints or as digitals? In this technological age, it’s only natural people will want digital copies to keep on their hard drive, and to share to their social media platforms.

But did you know…

In 2019, a study was conducted by Chatbooks and HP involving approx 16,000 families. The study aimed to find what effect printed photos had on families, as opposed to viewing photos on a screen.

The results are quite amazing! Here is a quick snapshot:

  • 88% of families stated that they felt closer and more connected to their family while looking at printed photos
  • 77% of parents said they felt a stronger connection to their children while looking at printed family photos
  • Parents reported their children experience an increase in self-esteem and a greater sense of identity and connection while looking at printed photos.
  • Parents stated that printed photos helped increase positive emotions for both parents and children, and it was an enjoyable shared experience.
  • 6 x more adults preferred looking at printed photos instead of digital photos.
  • 82% of parents felt that showing their children printed photos felt better than showing them photos on their phone or computer.
  • Families reported that looking at printed photos together encouraged story telling, and memory sharing.

The study overwhelmingly shows that printing your family photos has a huge positive effect on families. It helps family members feel closer to each other, and promotes a sense of belonging.

For this reason, I have included both digital photos and prints in ALL my photo packages. My packages either contain a free framed print, or store credit for you to order the prints or wall art you would love to display in your home. I want all my clients to experience these positive emotions and experiences together. How wonderful would that be?

If you would like more information about my photo packages and pricing, please get in touch.

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